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August 2015

Monday, 24 August 2015

Ya Allah , thank you for all the gifts that you gave me . 

6 September , 12 days left ! 

I don't believe it ! i'm gonna continue my study at Istanbul . Istanbul Aydin Univerisity (IAU) . I'm so looking forward for it . Omy i'm so excited ! it's a dream comes true . Rezeki Allah . Alhamdulillah ! 

I don't know what to pack hahaha . I just sumbat sumbat jer dalam luggage . Masa I pergi sana dah autumn season , after that winter ! Winter boots i tak beli lagi . I baru ada autumn punya coat jer . And i still tak tukar duit , tak pergi lagi money changer . Yeyy duit pun makin mahalnyer . Takut bankrup pergi sana haha 

I'll stay there for six months . For one semester , haha . Takda la lama macam orang lain sampai bertahun . But six months tu lama la jugak kan . Sempat nak menjelajah habis Istanbul . People said that our area near with European country . I wish I can go to Eiffel Tower . But depends on the money jugak la kan . 

Why bahasakan diri i ni " I' ea ? haha well last night someone bajet cakap i you . I pun nak try jugak laa . Tak salah pun kan ? Hahaha whatsoever la

I cleared all the post because i want to make this journey more special , i'm gonna update all the things and experiences that i faced later . Chiao guys

♥ with love